Mopas Film Academy(MFA)


In 3 month training at MFA, you will have more production two-year school.You will be surrounded by teachers who know and care, students who want to be there badly as you do,will have facilities that define industry standards.




Cinematography is the art technique of camera lighting in the making of a motion picture film.It involves technical concern such as camera ,lens,format,and lighting instruments, as well as various methods related to composition and subject modeling in order to tell the story,in the process we us DSLR, and action cams.




In this introductory class,students learn the incredible creative power that post-production provides the filmmaker in the following areas:picture editing,sound editing,sound mixing,music and color correction.Empasis is on the overall post-production process and the larger decisions necessary in the areas.Hands-on learning with non-linear editing software will introduce the students to creating a project and properly organizing and naming files for the purposes of picture editorial.




Our course explores the following concepts:ideology,semiotic and signification, mise-en-scene,film style,the significance and characteristics of film form narrative structure and POV, introduction to genre.




Our Animation instructors come right from the industry and offer unparalleled education based on decades of real world experience.


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